Are you looking for a Vancouver based Pay Per Click (PPC) management firm to take your campaign to the next level?

Paid search advertising most commonly known as Pay per click is a way of internet marketing based on bid per placement structure for certain keyword known as “Sponsored ads”. The main difference between organic rankings generated through SEO & SEM is that PPC delivers much faster results generated through specifically designed landing pages. Monitored and optimized PPC campaign will help you to capture new business leads but also enable ability to test new keyword opportunities or marketing campaigns.

What processes are involved in Pay Per Click campaign set-up & management?

What can Pay Per Click (PPC) do to your business?

Properly set-up & managed ppc campaign will result in an instant traffic increase mainly linked to your landing pages, focused on a specific product, offer or a target group. For example if your goal is to drive more sales of “apples in Vancouver BC” you’d want to create a campaign (landing page elements & content) specific to the kind of apples you sell and your goal user location = Vancouver, BC. The more specific you can talk to your landing visitor, the higher conversion rate and general effectiveness of particular campaign. We work exclusively with Google Adwords as a preferred Pay Per Click (PPC) platform.