Are you looking for a reliable Canadian web hosting or website maintenance services?

In the Worldwide web anything can happen and anything that was built can be destroyed or hacked within seconds, especially if you don’t make sure your information are properly secured. At Vandesign Web Development we can supply you with hosting and/or server management services set up specifically to your project size, script requirements and estimated monthly traffic to make sure it can deliver optimal performance and the best possible security. With high traffic, open source websites it is crucial to have a dedicated administrator who will keep an eye on every red-light alert but also make sure everything runs smooth.

What does our Canadian web hosting services cover?

We are Vancouver, BC based web development company specializing in corporate / e-commerce website hosting services, but also maintenance. No matter if your website is custom coded from scratch, or if you are running any of the available open source platforms we can help.  We always make sure your script is up to date, not sacrificing customer’s security or exposing them to potential information leak. Our on-going website hosting / maintenance services come equipped with periodic backups and 24/7 support in case of a crisis. Contact Vandesign Web Development today and not compromise your company’s reputation online.